Sustainable Food Systems Innovation Laboratory

Sustainable food systems innovation laboratory is being envisioned as an institute, funded by the generous donations from The Barrett Family. The lab involves in developing innovative solutions to improve design, construction, and operation of food processing. This includes food packaging, developing sustainable green technologies, finding ways to prolong shelf life and reduce food waste.

We are using High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma (HVACP) technology in our lab. It is a non-thermal technology that uses air and a small amount of electricity to create ions that have germicidal effects. The treatment time is relatively shorter than other technologies and the set-up is economically feasible. This technology represents a sustainable alternative to existing thermal processes.


Research Themes

Novel Food Technologies for Sustainable Food Manufacturing

Dr. Keener teaches the course for Novel Food Technologies for Sustainable Food Manufacturing for graduate students.

Contact Info


Kevin M. Keener, Ph.D., P.E.

Barrett Chair in Sustainable Food Engineering, University of Guelph.

School of Engineering.

Albert Thornbrough Building, Rm 2344
50 Stone Road East. Guelph, ON NIG 2W1